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How Friendly Works

Everything begins with a search.  What are you looking for and where?

Use the app to see if a place can accommodate and welcome you.  Businesses want to know what you need to be comfortable.

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Set your location to find nearby places with the specific amenities you need.
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Build your profile to unlock the "Like Me" Score.  
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Help business owners learn how to welcome you. 

Is Your Business Friendly?


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Powered by ratings that matter


Friendly reviews ask people to measure the presence of important amenities with “yes or no.” This means you can find places specifically rated for the amenities you need, as well as those that are not suitable for you.

A screenshot of a ratings screen in the Friendly Like Me app.  This image shows the ability to rate the presence or absence of individual accommodations by "yes" "no" or "not sure".  The accommodations shown in this capture are "accessible bathroom", marked yes.  "staff is accommodating" marked no.  Booths have movable tables, marked, "not sure" and "quiet enough for conversation", left blank.


Build a profile to personalize your search based on what you care about and find places with the amenities you need to be comfortable.

A screenshot of a business listing in the Friendly Like Me app.  This listing is for Molly Moons Ice Cream in Seattle, which has a "friendliness" score of 87%, a "Like Me" score of 90% and community scores for mobility 83% and weight 86%.  Buttons for "claim this business," and "edit review," are shown at the bottom of the listing.

Know Before You Go

Ratings of a business’ accommodations are created by people with a viewpoint like yours who understand what it takes to measure accessibility, comfort, and fit.

Be in your best life

When accessible places are easier to find, more people can take part. Friendly Like Me believes that when people with access needs are empowered with accessibility information they will participate more - enabling each person to live their best, happiest, and healthiest life - today and every day.

An image trio of images cut into circles and displayed in triangle formation.  The first image displays a black man and black woman lounging on the couch while the man types on his computer.  they both smile and the woman has her arm around the man.  The second image is of two plus-size people (a man and a woman) walking hand-in-hand.  The couple is shown in silhouette walking away from the camera toward a sunset.  The third image is a plus-sized Asian woman sitting at the counter inside a cafe.



Friendly Like Me leverages the power of community to drive change so that people with access needs can enjoy life with ease.


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Help us create more “friendly” places by sharing your experience.  Add your voice to our community conversations, and support businesses that make fit and accessibility a priority.  

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