We believe in accessibility

For people with disabilities or those living at higher weights, everyday trips to new places, such as the theater or a dinner with friends, are often preceded by fear of the unknown and hours of online reconnaissance to determine whether or not a place is able to accommodate non-average bodies.  

To prevent the awkward or embarrassing situations that arise when a place is “not a good fit,” people want to know before they go if a place is suitable.  But that information is often scarce, subjective, and hard to find.  Friendly Like Me is designed to conquer this problem with objective, fact-based reviews completed by people with first-hand experience.  

Because when the preparation needed to enjoy a night out is combined with the uncertainty of whether accommodations can be made, many people avoid participating in activities and situations they would otherwise welcome. 

We really want to change that by making accessibility information easier to find, and by teaming up with businesses to create more friendly places.

A trio of images in circle cut-outs.  First image is a man in a wheelchair enjoying dining outside.  he raises a beer in toast.  Second image is an elderly man on a scooter, shopping.  He wears a blue oxford, brown, vest, and khaki pants.  Third image is two plus sized twin sisters in straw hats and tank tops, faces close together smiling to the camera.

At Friendly Like Me, we want everyone to feel empowered to live an active, joyful life with the ability to participate freely in everyday activities.

Crowd-sourced by people navigating life in non-average bodies, Friendly Like Me connects individuals with the places striving to make fit and accessibility a priority.

Our users leverage Friendly to signal each other about the presence, (or absence), of the accessibility amenities they need to be comfortable in a built-for-average world.

We find that business owners are very open to hearing how they can cater to our communities.  But we must work together to tell them what we need.

Join the Community!

Get started by reviewing places, the single best way to help!  Share your reviews on social media and tag us @friendlylikeme to help get the word out.  Every new user of Friendly Like Me helps build our shared understanding of available accommodations.  Join in and download the app, today!