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Claim Your Business and Spread the Word

Tell Friendly patrons about the amenities you have--as well as those you don't.  We appreciate knowing in advance if we can take part; so our Friendliness scores reflect positive values for your "no or not yet" answers, too! 

Attract Friendly patrons by Claiming Your Business 

Find your business using Search, and select your business.
Be sure to set your location.

Choose, "Claim this business," answer questions, and Submit.

Typically, Friendly Like Me will approve your business claim within 48 hours
man in wheelchair enjoys a table at an outdoor restaurant.  He raises a beer to toast with friends wearing a blue oxford shirt and black pants

How can I make my business more Friendly? 

  • Claim your business
  • Provide a variety of seating options, including some chairs with no arms
  • Ensure information about parking and accessibility is clear to patrons
  • Train your staff to recognize when someone needs accommodation and to respond without judgment
  • Set aside 1-2 spaces for people in wheelchairs or that need more room.
  • Ensure aisles are unobstructed and roomy enough to travel smoothly between tables
  • Ensure bathrooms are accessible from the main floor

Join the Movement!

Help us create more “friendly” places by sharing your experience.  Add your voice to our community conversations, and support businesses that make fit and accessibility a priority.