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10 Accessible LGBTQ-Friendly Bars in Denver

Denver has a vibrant LGBTQ community with many establishments that cater to members of the community.  Listings of the “Top 10 Gay Bars” in Denver are easy to come by, and the options are outstanding.  But, can everyone go? How accessible are these spaces to people with access needs, such as people with disabilities or people of size?  Importantly, is there accessibility information available about the venues?  We set off on a mission to find out, and we learned a lot!  Below are ten of the most accessible LGBTQ bars in Denver.  Don’t see your bar?  #ClaimYourBusiness and help us #MakeItFriendly for as many of your community members as possible.

Tight End Sports Bar

They say it best themselves on the website, “Tight End is a gay sports bar providing a fun, lively environment with 9 TVs, patio, high quality sound, and a full beer & cocktail list. All are welcome in our safe space!”

Accessibility Checklist:
  • Flat, level entry with a spacious interior.
  • Gender-neutral restrooms.
  • Accessible Parking is $5 across the street.  Secure a spot on Humbolt Lot  | Secure a spot on Colfax. Use the promo code TIGHTEND5 for discounted parking.
  • Interior tables can be moved/adjusted.
  • Open-sided chairs (without arms) are available inside.
  • Friendly Shout-Out:  Free shot with parking receipt!
  • Friendly Notice:  Patio picnic tables at fixed distances.
  • Friendly Notice:  No ramp to the back patio from inside the building, access requires using a ramp around back.
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Li'l Devils Lounge

Li'l Devils Lounge is a cozy, inviting LGBTQ bar known for its video lounge, laid-back atmosphere, and unique ambiance.

The Lounge offers a comfortable and intimate setting, with dim lighting, vintage decor, and eclectic furnishings. It exudes a retro and speakeasy-inspired vibe, making this a relaxed and nostalgic environment for everyone to enjoy. Li'l Devils Lounge often hosts live music performances and DJs, and their patio bar is one of the best in town.

Accessibility Checklist:
  • Entry is flat and level and the interior is spacious.
  • Parking lot is private, with accessible spots.
  • Public Transit:  RTD Bus Routes: 0 and 3 | RTD Light Rail: Alameda Station.
  • Gender-neutral restrooms are available.
  • Has a variety of seating options, including open-sided chairs (without arms).
  • Tables can be moved/adjusted.
  • Patio bar is spacious, has a variety of seating options, and is comfortable for people of size.
  • Bar stools with and without seat backs.
  • Friendly Notice:  High-top patio tables; wheelchair users will require assistance.
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Tracks, one of Denver’s most popular nightclubs, is known for its vibrant atmosphere, diverse crowd, and energetic events. Multiple dance floors and stages provide a variety of experiences and music genres for guests to enjoy. The sound and lighting in this space help create an immersive environment that enhances the party atmosphere. They host a range of incredible special events all year long.  Pride events are scheduled beginning with Pride Wednesday and continuing each night through Pride Sunday.

When we called to speak with Nightclub management, they said clearly that anyone with access needs or mobility issues is welcome to ask the staff or security team for help. No need to call ahead!
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Onsite parking with accessible spots.
  • Accessible entry and spacious interior.
  • Accessible, gender-neutral restrooms 
  • Interior space is flexible, with a variety of seating options. Tables can be moved and adjusted.
  • Open-sided chairs (without arms) are available.
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The Triangle Denver is a well-loved gay bar in the downtown historic district. The Triangle often hosts events and activities, such as karaoke nights and drag shows.  The Triangle is partially powered by wind power and by recycling and composting; this bar diverts an entire truckload of waste from landfills each month. See how many trees and how much water, fuel, and emissions they save! 

There is no private parking lot, but there is nearby street parking and three paid public parking lots nearby.
Accessibility Checklist:
  • The entrance is flat and level, and the remodeled main interior is modern, spacious and has enough room for both manual and power wheelchairs.
  • Friendly Notice: The underground level and upper deck are only accessible by staircase.
  • Booth tables move and can be adjusted.
  • Friendly Notice: There is one step-up to booth seating.
  • Tables are high-top and counters are bar-height; wheelchair users will need assistance.
  • The main-level patio is flat and access is level.  High-top tables.
  • Clean and accessible gender-neutral restrooms.
  • The staff are well-known for their friendliness and attentive service.
  • Uber & Lyft pick-up/drop-off at 21st & Stout.
  • Parking is close but not onsite.  Nearby parking: 22nd & California, 21st & California, and 20th & Stout.
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Mile High Hamburger Mary’s

Mile High Hamburger Mary's is a popular LGBTQ friendly restaurant and bar located in Denver. It’s known for its lively and inclusive atmosphere, delicious food, and famous drag brunch!  The restaurant regularly hosts talented drag queens who perform captivating shows filled with glamor, comedy, and interactive performances. 

Accessibility Checklist:
  • Accessible side entrance.
  • Friendly Notice:  Guests using wheelchairs are advised to enter the space via ramp in the patio area, around the side of the building.
  • Interior is spacious, and one level.
  • Gender-neutral restrooms are available.
  • Open-sided chairs (without arms) are available inside.
  • Tables can be moved/adjusted for space.
  • Patio is comfortable for people of size and people with disabilities.
  • Bar stools with and without seat backs.
  • Friendly Shout-Out:  Mile High Hamburger Mary’s has an accessible website!
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One of the last great lesbian bars, Blush & Blu is a lesbian/queer-inclusive bar and restaurant hosting a variety of events and activities such as open mic nights, live music performances, art shows, and poetry readings. The venue often collaborates with local LGBTQ organizations, artists, and musicians, making it a vibrant space for creativity and community engagement.

Accessibility Checklist:
  • Entry and interior are flat and level.
  • Friendly Alert: No accessible parking
  • Friendly Notice:  Bar patrons can park at First Bank after 5pm. Parking is approximately 1/10th of a mile away; there are accessible spots.
  • Restrooms are gender-neutral with two wheelchair accessible stalls.
  • Open-sided chairs (without arms) are available.
  • Tables can be moved and adjusted.
  • Bar stools without seat backs.
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Trade, while small–is accessible. Importantly the bar’s management made it clear that people of all body types and abilities are welcome. They ask that anyone with a specific access need call-ahead, or ask someone onsite for assistance so accommodations can be made to make people comfortable. Trade hosts themed nights, special events, and guest DJs, drag performances, and live music.  As one of Denver's most popular gay bars, Trade attracts a diverse crowd and provides a safe and inclusive space for people to socialize, meet new friends, and celebrate the LGBTQ community.
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Entrance is flat, level, and accessible.
  • The interior is single-level–no stairs, but very small.
  • Friendly Notice:  Arriving early to stake out your space is recommended.
  • Friendly Notice: Parking available onsite, but no dedicated accessible spots.
  • Special Pride Notice:  The parking lot will be closed, but there will be some street parking available.
  • Restrooms are gender neutral.
  • Open-sided chairs (without arms) are available.
  • Bar stools without and without seat backs are available
  • Patio is accessible but comfortable seating may be hard to come by. 
  • The staff at Trade are eager to assist and encourage people to call ahead for any specific accommodations they need.
  • Friendly Shout Out: Lockers are available to store belongings.
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Denver’s Milk is a modern, renovated, and accessible LGBTQ nightclub offering the true underground club vibe. Music ranges from techno, goth, 80s, 90s, retro, indie, to industrial. Multiple gathering areas exist in this space each to be explored, including dance and bar areas, a comfortable and spacious patio, and a mini arcade! Dress code is snappy! Milk Bar management communicated via email, “Our staff are happy to assist with accessibility wherever needed and at any time, with a prior call or not.”

Accessibility Checklist:
  • Entrance is accessible.
  • The interior is spacious, modern, and accessible.
  • Friendly Notice:  There is a step-up to booth seating.
  • Gender-neutral restrooms are available.
  • Excellent outdoor patio with bench seating, very comfortable for all body types.
  • Elevators are available.
  • A variety of seating options including open-sided chairs (without arms)
  • Staff is eager to assist and willing to make accommodations.  Do not hesitate to ask!
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Temple Nightclub is a multi-level venue that combines the elements of a nightclub, music venue, and an art gallery to create a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere.

Despite having some accessibility challenges, Temple is an example of what a venue can do to accommodate people despite having built-in accessibility problems in the building.  Importantly, the club’s leadership and staff make a sincere effort to help people with access needs upon request.  While there is no requirement to call ahead, (simply notify security or a staff member), management indicated that with advance notice, aisles will be cleared and attention will be paid to keeping clear pathways throughout the night.

The main floor and mezzanine levels are accessible by elevator.  The third level (Skybox) is only accessible by stairs.  But club management confirmed that no specials are exclusively offered in the Sky Box, and that special events are rarely held in the Skybox.  The majority of the space during peak times is standing-room only, with no tables or chairs. However, if requested, chairs can be provided up-front near the stage.  An accessible smoking area is also available.

Restrooms are categorized in the binary (male or female). However, both restrooms are staffed by attendants who can assist patrons, ensuring that everyone feels safe.  There is no dedicated parking lot for Temple Denver, however security personnel are available to escort you to your car (parked on the street or in nearby paid lots) if you ever feel unsafe.

Accessibility Checklist:
  • Entrance is accessible.
  • Elevators to the main floor and mezzanine level.
  • Friendly Notice:  The third floor is not accessible by elevator, but food and drink specials are offered on every floor.
  • Friendly Notice: No dedicated accessible parking, but street parking and public paid lots are available.
  • Friendly Shout-Out:  Security willing to escort patrons to their cars.  
  • Restrooms are accessible and clean.
  • Friendly Shout-Out:  Attendants are available in both restrooms to assist with comfort and safety.
  • Flat and level interior is accessible, particularly during non peak times. While the majority of space is standing-room only; chairs can be requested near the stage. Reserved seating also available in the VIP section.
  • The Mirus Gallery next door offers a quiet place to take a break. Anyone, not just people with sensory issues, can appreciate a quiet oasis to catch your breath and wind down.
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Bad Habits Denver is a welcoming and accessible space ready to be your go-to bar during PRIDE and beyond. They are dedicated to providing patrons a great time in a welcoming space. According to the bar’s owner, “Ultimately, we want everyone who walks through our doors to feel welcome and recognized.” 
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Entrance & Interior:  While the bar has two levels divided by a staircase, there are surface level entrances for each story as the bar exists on a hill.  
  • From the parking lot, you will enter directly into the upper bar. And from the street level, you will enter the first floor. 
  • Friendly Notice: Wheelchair users will need to exit the building and re-enter to change floors. 
  • Parking:  There are eight spots of private parking in the back of the building as well as street parking and paid lots nearby.
  • Friendly Notice: No dedicated accessible spots behind the building.
  • Restrooms:  All bathrooms are wheelchair accessible and all four are gender-neutral. Both first-floor bathroom toilets have larger-size seats.
  • There are wide chairs available (with no arms) to easily accommodate people of size.
  • Barstools with and without seatbacks are available.
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