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America's Finest City Welcomes All Bodies to PRIDE

San Diego skyline with disability pride flag superimposed.

Friendly Like Me is honored to be supporting San Diego PRIDE and other Pride organizations around the country in providing Accessible Pride Guides featuring local Accessible businesses and the accommodations they offer to people with access needs.  

San Diego PRIDE is deeply committed to Accessibility, in fact Disability Justice is one of the seven pillars of justice guiding their planning and decision-making from the beginning.  This commitment is illustrated beautifully in both word and deed, as San Diego PRIDE has worked hard to produce one of the most Accessible PRIDE celebrations in the country this year. 

Beginning first with their accessible website, delivering clear and timely Accessibility information up-top on the first page.  All event venues are accessible and able to welcome people of all body types and abilities.  ASL interpreters are provided, as well as quiet spaces to take a break from the sensory overload of this life-affirming community celebration. 

In answering the question, "Why is Disability Justice an LGBTQ+ Issue?," their website says it best, "The principles of bodily autonomy upon which LGBTQ+ equality rests is the same bodily autonomy upon which disability justice builds. Additionally, many of the trailblazers and leaders in the disability justice movement have historically been and continue to be members of the LGBTQ+ community; our movements are tied up in one another."  Yes...yes they are.

One in four Americans lives with a disability, so it's equally important that businesses are prepared to meet the access needs of their customers too.  At Friendly Like Me, we share a commitment to helping people with access needs know (before they go) if they can participate safely and comfortably. We feature highly specific Accessibility reviews and offer our patent pending “Like Me” personalized review scores to help you find places with the specific accommodations you need. 

How can I be an Ally?

One way to be an Ally at PRIDE is to use the free Friendly Like Me app to review the places you go for Accessibility. This way you and your fellow Pride attendees can know in advance if everyone with you can join in the fun. Businesses can be allies by claiming their listing on Friendly Like Me to confirm accessibility details.  Doing so will optimize your business listing, so that the customers who need your accommodations can find you.