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Are you comfortable?

Young Asian woman enjoys a cool drink in a neighborhood coffee shop.

Sometimes, knowing in advance if you'll be comfortable is the difference between going, or not...participating, or not.  At Friendly Like Me, we believe everyone should feel empowered to live an active, joyful life with the ability to participate freely in everyday activities. 

Do you do endless reconnaissance online (or even in person) to know in advance if you can take part?  We do; we know a lot of other people who do, and we want to make knowing before you go, a regular part of your experience. 

Find and review places Friendly to you and others like you--because your comfort matters; and sharing your experience will help others looking to feel confident going out.

Crowd-sourced by people with the common experience of living with access needs, such as people with disabilities and people of size, Friendly Like Me connects individuals with places that can accommodate them.  We also work to help accessible businesses attract customers who need the accommodations they have to offer. 

Living with access needs and not knowing if you can participate freely very often keeps people home.  Our mission is to help people navigate a built-for-average world.

Download the mobile app or use the web version to get started reviewing places today.  Every review pays it forward for someone else looking to take part.


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