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New Travel App Rates Accessible Hotels, Restaurants, and Attractions

As Seen in Frommer's

Friends, we were honored to be featured in Frommer’s along with some other organizations working to help people with access needs travel more freely.  People with access needs (something a person needs to engage in an activity) require specific information to know in advance if they can take part, and this thoughtful article highlights why planning in detail is so critical for people with accessibility issues.

One of our core goals is to help eliminate the amount of time we all spend doing online reconnaissance to discover if a place is accessible and equipped to welcome us.  We invite you to take back the hours you spend on reconnaissance to intuit whether a place can accommodate you or someone you care about.  Download the Friendly Like Me mobile app or use our web platform to find and review places that make fit and accessibility a priority. Every review counts--every experience matters.

In partnership with you, our communities, and businesses, we are working every day to make places more friendly and getting out to enjoy life, just a little bit easier. Read our Frommer's story! And thank you to everyone who came before us and those who continue to fight to make places accessible to every body.



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