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Ten Accessible National Parks

As seen in USA Today

We teamed up with USA Today to identify ten of some of the country's most accessible National Parks. We learned a lot about the visitor centers, campgrounds, and trails designed for accessibility, and we were pleasantly surprised to learn how many state parks are also stepping up their game when it comes to accessibility.  And while certain parts of the parks will always be problematic for people with mobility issues, we found some places where having a disabled pass to the park got you views closer to what the rangers get to see every day, (in other words, "off limits" to other tourists.)

Parks on federal land keep to a much higher accessibility standard by law and in practice. See detailed accessibility information about every national park, here.

See our feature in USA Today's Outdoors Wire, and remember to add your voice by reviewing places for accessibility and sharing your experience of the parks and the accessibility features you used.  


Click here to read National Park Service Accessibility news and information.