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Welcome to Friendly Like Me. Thank you for being here!

At Friendly, accessibility is our thing.  And our that each time you discover a place with suitable accommodations you say so in FLM, making a quick mark to pay it forward.  With every review, you kindly signal to the person traveling behind you, “This is a friendly place.”  

  • Get started by creating your account and be sure to select your preferences.
  • Find the places you already know and rate them for accessibility.  With each rating, you tell others like you, "This place is a good fit" or "Find a different place."  You're also helping to support your favorite places that make fit and accessibility a priority.
  • Encourage any business owners you know to claim their listing on Friendly Like Me.
  • Take us with you when you go out--and get into Friendly review mode!  Together with others like you, we'll rate them all!

You're ready to get out there and start making an accessible world a reality.  Please let us know how we can help you.  

Tips for Using Friendly Like Me

Using Search

Type the name of a business or what you're searching for into the Search box, e.g.

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Enter a Location or use your Current Location.

Use Filters to refine your search and sort results:

  • Select a business Type and Subtype
  • Choose Amenities that matter to you
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Making your business more Friendly

  • Provide a variety of seating options, including some chairs with no arms
  • Ensure information about parking and accessibility is clear to patrons
  • Train your staff to recognize when someone needs accommodation and to respond without judgment
  • Set aside 1-2 spaces for people in wheelchairs or that need more room.
  • Ensure aisles are unobstructed and roomy enough to travel smoothly between tables
  • Ensure bathrooms are accessible from the main floor
  • If you provide personal care services, make sure treatment chairs accommodate higher-weight bodies.