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Representation. I feel like I can ask you.

A plus size couple enjoy exercising together

Representation is important. Seeing people like ourselves, at school, in the media, and in the neighborhood, impacts our feelings of belonging and well-being.  And when you can see yourself in someone, it becomes easier to connect, easier to say, "where'd you find that?", "where do you get your hair done...?" or even "I'd like to join in!"  Because that's what we want for everyone regardless of size--the opportunity to participate.

Seeing someone with a body like mine, walk into a yoga place, makes me believe two things: (1) I can do it, and (2) she is welcome and accommodated by that yoga studio. In terms of my motivation... there's a big difference between, "I want to learn yoga, but I don't know if I can" and, "I want to learn yoga, and I hear from people like me it's going to be great!" 

Knowing in advance is a game-changer.  Believing I'm welcome means I get to go and just experience something without the nagging fear I won't fit in. I know I'm going where people not only accept me but can accommodate me too.  

At Friendly Like Me we want you to have the best experience and the maximum amount of life in your life... whomever you are, and whatever your access needs are.  Join us in reviewing places in The Friendly Like Me app.  Whether a place is accessible to you or not able to accommodate you (yet), your review pays it forward for the next person hoping to know before they go if that can take part.  Friendly Like Me is for all of us!  


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