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Love Accessibly: We are Partnering with Dateability to Make Date Nights More Accessible


alentine's Day, a time of romance and connection, is fast approaching, and this year, two innovative apps are joining forces to ensure that love knows no boundaries for Valentine’s Day and all year long. The "Love Accessibly" campaign, launched by Friendly Like Me and Dateability, seeks to celebrate love in all its forms while advocating for inclusivity in venues such as restaurants, hotels, and entertainment spots. This joint effort highlights the importance of creating welcoming environments for individuals with diverse accessibility needs.


Friendly Like Me, a pioneering app to help users find accessible travel, dining, entertainment and service options, is committed to simplifying the process of finding suitable venues for people with disabilities and people of size. Their partnership with Dateability, the leading dating app for the disabled and chronically ill communities, underscores their shared mission of fostering connections and ensuring that everyone can enjoy memorable dates in accommodating settings.


"There is a misconception that disabled people don’t date, and we are actively fighting that, “ says Jacqueline Child, co-founder of Dateability. “Partnering up with Friendly Like Me for 'Love Accessibly' means fostering connections for the world’s largest minority. People with disabilities deserve to find love without limitations imposed by inaccessible venues or societal stigmas." 


Sisters Jacqueline and Alexa Child co-founded Dateability, inspired by Jacqueline’s experiences dating with a chronic illness and the insensitivity and ignorance she sometimes encountered. Dateability has been instrumental in revolutionizing the dating landscape by providing a safe and inclusive space for users to connect and express themselves. Through innovative features such as the Dateability Deets section, users can neutrally disclose their needs on their profiles, fostering a transparent and supportive dating environment.


CEO of Friendly Like Me, Elysia Everett, herself a person of size with access needs, emphasizes the significance of this collaboration, stating, "At Friendly Like Me, access and connection are at the heart of what we do. Partnering with Dateability for 'Love Accessibly' aligns with our mission to empower individuals with highly specific accessibility information, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy meaningful dates in welcoming environments."


The "Love Accessibly" initiative comes at a time when accessibility remains a pervasive issue in society. Friendly Like Me's research reveals that over one-third of Americans require accommodations while traveling, highlighting the need for accessible options in various domains.


What Wisdom do these CEO’s have about Planning an Accessible Date?
Founders of Dateability, Alexa and Jacqueline Child, posing for a professional photo outdoors.
  1. Communicate about Access Needs: Put your best foot forward and show how thoughtful you are by asking your date about their access needs and any dietary preferences. And don't hesitate to communicate your or their accessibility needs with your date and the venue staff in advance. Whether it's requesting specific accommodations like an accessible or well lit table, seats without arms for a plus size date, or how a restaurant can cater to specific dietary needs, good planning sets the stage for romance.
  2. Research Venue Accessibility in Advance: Research the accessibility features of potential venues such as restaurants, theaters, or parks. You can call ahead and look at pictures online, or for more convenience enjoy a personalized search on Friendly Like Me that takes into account your specific access needs. You can find information on wheelchair access, restroom facilities, and accommodations for individuals with sensory disabilities.
  3. Plan Transportation: Consider transportation options that are accessible for all parties involved. Ask your date if they need to take public transportation, fine accessible parking or use wheelchair-accessible transportation services.
  4. Be Flexible: Despite careful planning, unexpected obstacles may arise. Have a plan B, stay flexible and open-minded, and be prepared to adapt your plans as needed to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. With a great attitude connection is possible anywhere.

What are Some Accessible Hotel and Restaurant Brands?


Hotels for a Romantic Getaway or Getting a Drink in the Lobby:

The interior bedroom of a Marriott Hotel.

  •  Marriott Hotels - We found Marriott Hotels to be fairly consistent across locations in Friendly Like Me’s key hallmarks of accessibility, seating, and comfort. Marriott provides accessible parking spaces, entryways, elevators, both private and public restrooms, and various styles of furniture which can be utilized by guests with access needs and those living at higher weights, including chairs without arms and sofas. Most of their properties have at least a few Accessible rooms with amenities such as shower wands, grab bars and lowered sinks, many of their newer or renovated properties have hearing accessible rooms. Marriott brands include the Autograph Collection, W Hotels, Westin, Sheraton, Courtyard, Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis and many others.
  • Hilton Hotels & Resorts - Hilton Hotels include and their partner brands including Embassy Suites, DoubleTree, Hampton Inn, Home2 Suites, Homewood, Waldorf Astoria and more all get consistently high marks for the most sought after accessibility features by Friendly Like Me and Dateability users. You will want to call ahead to secure an accessible room and check individual features, but commonly you can find roll in showers or accessible tubs, sinks and vanities that are wheelchair accessible, lowered peepholes and thermostats, touch sensitive light fixtures, audio/visual fire alarm indicators and more. Lobbies and common areas are usually consistently accessible. Some users noted that Home2 Suites in particular, as a newer brand, typically had lower beds and great accessibility.
  • Hyatt Hotels Corporation - Hyatt ensures accessibility with consistency in their various locations by offering designated parking spaces, accessible entryways, elevators, and both private and public restroom facilities. They also provide a diverse range of furniture styles that cater to guests with varying needs, including those with mobility challenges or who require sturdier seating options. Additionally, most Hyatt properties feature Accessible rooms equipped with amenities such as shower wands, grab bars, and lowered sinks for guests with disabilities. Many of their recently renovated or newly constructed properties are equipped with accommodations such as swimming pools and hot tubs with lift access.
Low Pressure First Date Spot:
  • Starbucks - Thanks to their ubiquity and sense of “sameness” in most stores, Starbucks is an environment people feel safe in and that is a great place to start. One of the most prolific chains in the world, in the past several years Starbucks has been committed to increasing their accessibility and recognizing that one in four of their potential customers in the US has a disability. Known as a destination for accessible public bathrooms, customizable drinks and well labeled food, Starbucks is also designing, testing and scaling more inclusive in store experiences with the goal of ensuring that physical and digital Starbucks environments will meet an elevated standard of accessibility by 2030. Changes include speech-to-text technology for a live visual display of speech for partners and customers to reference, order readiness notifications through a status board, free Aira service (which connects people who are blind or have low-vision to trained, professional visual interpreters who provide instant access to visual information about the customer’s surroundings through a smartphone app) and large-print and Braille menus.
The interior of a Le Pain Quotidien location.
  • Le Pain Quotidien - Spacious, well lit and vegan, vegetarian and allergy friendly, Le Pain Quotidien are popular for coffee dates, lunch or grabbing an early dinner. With a paired-down European aesthetic and healthier options you can focus on getting to know your date rather than eating an elaborate meal. It is primarily organic and good quality, but still budget friendly compared to many other Valentine’s options.


Restaurants to Impress:
  • Flemings - With over 60 locations, you probably already know about Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, but did you know it’s a great place for an accessible date? The aesthetic of Fleming’s is warm and rich, with furniture options friendly to those with access needs. The chairs have no arms, bar stools are suitable for people of size, restrooms are not only accessible but often spacious and luxurious, and most have street-level entries..
  • Jose Andres Restaurants - Impress your date with a reservation at one of this charismatic chef’s 31 restaurants (and counting!). His restaurants take a wide variety of permutations, from super high end private rooms to casual mercados, but they all are built since 1993 (most more recently) and have high marks for comfort and utility in design. Call ahead for the best table to meet your needs, but rest assured that bathrooms and entrances should be good. Known for his philanthropy as much as his Michelin stars, hopefully his good energy will set the table for a great date!
  • Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant - This newer chain founded in 2005 is well lit, spacious and consistently comfortable. Most if not all of their chairs don’t have arms and they have a variety of seating options. Their bar stools are accessible for people of size. The company locations include tasting rooms and retail stores in addition to their full service restaurants so you could always have a date that starts at one location and continue if the connection is strong! 
  • An interior photo of a large group table at The Capital Grille.The Capital Grille - Founded in 1990, this insanely popular high end chain is an impressive date night spot for most romantic partners (except maybe vegans). They usually have a variety of seating options, nicely spaced out for conversation, including sturdy chairs with no arms. Some of their tables are booths so call ahead and state your needs as per usual.
  • Seasons 52 - Developed in 2003 as a fresh grill and wine bar, offers a unique and exciting experience to partners who are foodies: their menu changes by the season! It’s printed weekly and you’ll see a big change depending on what’s fresh in the market. Their locations have modern but warm furnishings and styles, which means chairs without arms, accessible entryways and restrooms, and flat, single-story buildings friendly to people using mobility aids. 
  • Interior photo of the dining room at a Ruths Chris Steak House location.Ruth's Chris Steak House - A well-known name in upscale dining, Ruth’s Chris has some great accessibility features. The restaurants tend to be on the larger side, so there is a lot of room to move between tables, and bar stools are sturdy and cushioned. While it keeps the atmosphere of luxury and elegance, Ruth’s Chris doesn’t employ mood lighting, so you’ll always have a clear view of your menu (or your date!), and some locations even have an outdoor patio with heating elements in case it’s a chilly night out.  
  • W Hotel Restaurants - The W Hotel is known for sleek and sexy interior design and their restaurants are a clever choice for Valentine’s Day. Like most newer hotel groups their entrances, lobbies and restaurants will meet accessibility standards and aesthetic standards alike.


As Valentine's Day approaches, "Love Accessibly" serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment of both Dateability and Friendly Like Me to create a world where love knows no boundaries. By championing inclusivity and accessibility in the realm of dating and relationships, these companies are paving the way for more accessible and fulfilling experiences for individuals of all abilities.


About Friendly Like Me:

Friendly Like Me is a groundbreaking mobile app and web platform dedicated to empowering users to "Go in Confidence" by providing essential guidance for accessible travel, dining, sightseeing, and entertainment. With a focus on addressing the needs of people with disabilities and people of size, Friendly Like Me is leading the way in making the world more accessible for all. The platform has produced Accessibility Guides and insights for major city wide-events in Denver, Portland, San Diego, Atlanta and Charlotte and publications including USA Today, Travel + Leisure, The New York Times, Outdoors Wire, ABC, CBS, NBC and more. For more information, visit


About Dateability:

Dateability, founded by Jacqueline Child and her sister Alexa, launched in October 2022, addresses the discriminatory experiences faced by disabled individuals on mainstream dating apps. With over 4,500 users and 90,000 messages exchanged, Dateability has garnered recognition from prominent publications such as the Washington Post, USA Today, Forbes, and NPR. For more information, visit