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Portland PRIDE: Making a Difference

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Portland is known for its counterculture communities, which means inclusivity is important to the city’s residents. PRIDE draws many visitors from around the country to Portland to celebrate each year; and while it’s easy to find articles detailing the hottest queer spaces in town, crucial information is missing:  the accessibility of these locations. This makes it difficult for people with access needs, such as those with disabilities or people of size, to know in advance if they can take part. That’s where Friendly Like Me comes in!

Friendly Like Me is proud to partner with Portland PRIDE this year to create a more Accessible PRIDE festival. Executive Director Debra Porta, and her team have worked hard over the last few years to make the Portland Pride Festival easier for everyone to access and enjoy.  This has not always been easy.

In previous years, the combination of rain and the Rose Festival (which immediately preceded PRIDE) always left the grounds of Waterfront Park muddy, and difficult to navigate.  And Waterfront Park is uneven and bumpy, to begin with. So, in response, the festival was moved to July to give the park's grounds a chance to dry-out and recover before the LGBTQIA2S+ community comes out in force to celebrate. 

Importantly, this year Portland PRIDE collaborated with both The Society Hotel and Prosper Portland to create special parade viewing areas for people with access needs.  Additionally, a more accessible festival satellite location has been established in Ankeny Alley which will provide visitors with an alternative to Waterfront Park for the first time.  Details about how to gain access to these spaces is included in our Portland Pride Accessibility Guide, available here

Come with us as we take you to the most accessible LGBTQ-Friendly (yes, with a capital F!) locations in Portland. From the traditional bars and restaurants to atriums and chocolate factory tours, Portland has something for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy!

Download the Guide:


The Society Hotel - Parade Viewing Location

A Portland PRIDE 2023 Partner, The Society Hotel is offering special access seating to people with disabilities looking for an accessible place to view the parade.  While this seating is limited, the hotel wants to accommodate and welcome people with access needs. Consider arriving early to stake out your spot on the patio! 

Serving adventurous travelers since, 1891, The Society Hotel is a very accessible place to visit and enjoy a meal. When staying the night, know before you go that bathrooms are dormitory-style and are shared between guests. 

Accessibility Checklist:
  • Accessible interior, restrooms, and entrance.
  • There are three accessible hotel rooms, and three of the shared bathrooms are ADA-compliant.
  • Booth tables move and can be adjusted for larger or smaller bodies.
  • Open-sided chairs with no arms are available.
  • The exterior patio is accessible and comfortable.
  • Friendly Notice:  Accessible rooms should be booked in advance; please contact the hotel directly, (503.445-0444).  Do not book online.
  • Alert:  There is no onsite parking, but Accessible parking is available at this nearby SmartPark location. Loading and unloading zones in front of the hotel can be used for 15 minutes.
The Society Hotel-1
One of the top results for gay bars in Portland, Scandals is a can’t-miss destination. “Scandals has been in business for over 43 years and continues to provide a great place for our regulars and welcomes newcomers with open arms. Enjoy some quality time with live entertainment, tasty drinks, and a friendly vibe.”
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Flat accessible interior with no stairs.
  • Offers open-sided chairs (with no arms) and bar stools without seat backs.
  • Gender-neutral restrooms.
  • Friendly Notice:  Street parking only. Closest disability parking spot available on the corner of SW 11th Ave. and Burnside St.
The modern vibe and tech of big city night clubs is planted squarely in an old auto parts warehouse. If you love to experience a rich variety of art, music, and dance surrounded by a welcoming community and support local Portland artists, you have to hit up Holocene.
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Chairs with no arms, benches and stools without seat backs are plentiful.
  • Tables can be moved/adjusted.
  • Friendly Notice:  Four small steps are present in the area separating the Lounge/DJ Dance area, but they can be accessed without stairs to the right of the main entrance. Door staff and security are happy to assist.
  • Alert: Street parking only. Closest disability parking spot available further east of the building  and on the opposite side of SE Morrison St.
For those looking for a vegan, family-friendly location that celebrates inclusivity and love, this is a great option for any mealtime, as The Bye and Bye permits minors until 8PM. Best of all, their menu features a big selection of fun non-alcoholic drinks, so everyone can feel included!
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Offers chairs with no arms and bar stools without seat backs.
  • Tables can be moved/adjusted.
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms available.
  • Alert:  Street parking only. No disability spots available within a reasonable distance. Public transit options include bus stops on NE Alberta & 11th and 9th.
  • Friendly Notice:  Outdoor/patio seating may not be comfortable for guests of size, so try to snag a spot indoors if you can.
The Bye and Bye
“Everybody is a little queer. Everybody is welcome.” One of Portland’s most highly rated gay bars, Crush is cozy but full of queer love and life! Even outside of Pride Month, there is always a special event to look forward to at Crush, so check their social media and website before you stop in.
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Offers chairs with no arms.
  • Outdoor seating area is comfortable for people of size.
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms available.
  • Friendly Notice:  Bar stools here all have seat backs, so if you need a more comfortable seat, the tables and chairs are a better bet.
  • Alert:  Street parking only. No disability spots available within a reasonable distance. Public transit options include bus stops on SE Morrison & 14th and SE Belmont & 14th.
A queer, Latinx, vegan-owned business, Arium ("a space or vessel that contains something" in Latin), touts itself as a "space free of judgment especially when learning about plants." They welcome questions from beginners, experts, and everyone in between, and believe there is a plant for everyone.  
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Wide, flat interior for wheelchair access.
  • Private parking lot on site close to the building.
  • Friendly Notice:  There is a private parking lot, but the images did not reveal marked accessible spaces.  When we called to confirm, the welcoming and friendly staff reassured us that their parking area is accessible.  If you visit, please confirm in your Friendly Like Me review!  The nearest bus stop option is the NE ML King & Tillamook stop.
  • Alert: Seating is not available here, so if you need to take a break while walking around the spacious shop, consider bringing a portable solution, like a collapsing stool or a walker with a seat.
Arium Botanicals
Speaking of mother nature, who doesn’t love animals? For a fun day-trip activity on your personal agenda, consider visiting the Oregon Zoo, a place the whole family can enjoy. They offer a variety of planning tools and informational services right on their website fully accessible to all.
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Special loading and unloading zone for guests using mobility aids close to the Zoo gates.
  • Free sensory bags available guests with sensory needs in the reception office.
  • Wheelchairs and electric scooters for rental at the gift shop to all who need them.
  • One complimentary ticket with purchase for one-to-one support guests, such as those who need accompaniment due to impairment.
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms.
Oregon Zoo

Seven Corners Cafe / Nossa Familia Coffee

In line with more quiet locations to visit while celebrating who you love, this Guatemalan-inspired cafe has vegan options and bike parking close by. Big bonus: “It occupies the ground floor of the Seven Corners Collaborative, a nonprofit hub that brings access to crucial disability services under one roof. The design of the space incorporated universal design & accessibility principles within an aesthetic inspired by the blue, white and terracotta farmhouses of our founder’s family coffee farms in Brazil. The café has also set goals for being Zero Waste and Carbon Neutral.”
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Wide, flat interior for wheelchair access.
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms available.
  • Friendly Notice:  Outdoor/patio seating may not be comfortable for guests of size, so try to snag a spot indoors if you can.
  • Alert:  Street parking only. No disability spots available within a reasonable distance. Public transit options include bus stops onSE Ladd & Division and SE Division & 20th Ave.
Seven Corners Cafe

Hip Chicks Do Wine

If you’re feeling fancy and fun, bring your friends to a wine tasting with pros! Women-and LGBTQ-owned, this winery even offers dinner service that pairs perfectly with their made-in-house wine selections. They are always having events, from live music to Halloween Candy pairings, so check their website often.
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Flat, level, and large accessible entrance.
  • Wide and spacious accessible interior.
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms available.
  • Friendly Notice:  The bathroom doorway here measures 29 inches instead of the wheelchair-standard 32, so if that isn’t accessible for you, plan for a shorter visit.
  • Friendly Notice:  The asphalt outside of the winery has some irregularities and cracks, so be careful when navigating.
  • Alert:  Parking lots are shared between buildings. There are no marked accessible spots or public transit options available within a reasonable distance.
Hip Chicks Do Wine

Ranger Chocolate / Factory Tour & Tasting

For the sweet tooth in everyone’s smile, Ranger Chocolate is an LGBTQ-owned factory store in Portland with a unique ticketed experience on offer! “You can make and take home 4 large custom chocolate bars, take part in an expert-lead Q&A+tour, and (when available) a chocolate drum tasting.” Or just stop in on your way to the next adventure for unique chocolates, fresh pastries and coffee.
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Spacious, flat interior for wheelchair access, both in the cafe store front and in the workshop experience.
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms.
  • Chairs have no arms and bar stools have no seat backs.
  • Workshops accommodate vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and kosher diets, so all are welcome.
  • Alert:  Street parking only. No accessible spots available within a reasonable distance. There is a nearby bus stop on NE Couch & ML King.
Ranger Chocolate
Whether you’re a local who wants to make Pride feel extra-special or you’re visiting from out of town, Hotel Rose is widely known as a LGBTQ-friendly boutique hotel. With rooms specifically designed to be accessible and luxurious to all who enter, everyone in your party is sure to love this funky, bold, cheeky getaway spot.
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Accessible rooms available for reservations at no added charge, which include more spacious interiors, walk-in showers with wands, a lowered door peephole, modified bed height and so much more.
  • Common spaces have seating with no arms.
  • Accessible parking is available. 
Hotel Rose
This 21+ club is among the most well-known queer establishments in downtown Portland. With a live DJ Thursday through Sunday and weekly events, CC Slaughter's is a must-do for any party person with Pride! 
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Accessible entrance and accessible bathrooms.
  • Cushioned bar stools without seat backs.
  • Open-sided chairs with no arms.
  • Alert:  No accessible parking spots nearby; street parking only.
CC Slaughters

Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education

Accessibility Checklist:
  • Accessible restroom, interior, and entrance.
  • While seating is limited, there are benches facing artwork to sit upon if you need a rest during your visit.
  • Alert:  Street parking only, there does not appear to be any accessible-specific parking available nearby
Friendly Like Me Accessibility review screen
Accessibility Checklist:
  • A variety of seating exists, including benches.  During events or presentations, the setup includes chairs with no arms.
  • Accessible interior and flat level entrance
  • Friendly Notice:  One nearby accessible parking spot, but it does not belong to the gallery, otherwise there is only street parking available.
  • Alert:  There are no restrooms in this very small museum.  
Friendly Like Me Accessibility Review Screen for Froelick Gallery

Portland Chinatown Museum

If you're looking for an enriching cultural experience, The Portland Chinatown Museum is a great place to learn about Portland Chinatown through Asian American artists and their craft. As Oregon's "first museum about Chinese American history, art, and culture," this is a must-see!
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Accessible restroom, interior, and entrance.
  • Alert:  The only available street parking has no specifically marked accessible spots.
Friendly Like Me Accessibility review of Portland Chinatown Museum

Kasbah Moroccan Cafe

The Kasbah family shares authentic Moroccan delights with all of Portland in this locally-owned small business, bringing expertise learned from royal kitchens and the international parliament, the cafe delivers the true taste of Morocco!
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Accessible interior and entrance.
  • Offers open-sided chairs with no arms.
  • Friendly Notice:  The interior is a bit tight for wheelchair users and people of size.
  • Street parking only.  No marked Accessible parking spots nearby. 
  • There is NO RESTROOM at this location.
Friendly Like Me Accessibility review of Kasbah Moroccan Cafe
While this theater space is small, the staff are excellent and will make sure patrons with mobility issues are comfortably accommodated.  For best results, it's recommended that you arrive and/or call in advance to secure a good spot to watch the show! 
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Accessible entrance is flat and level
  • Chairs are open-sided and heavy-duty
  • Interior is accessible, if tight.
  • Friendly Notice:  Restrooms are accessible but not spacious and would not be suitable for power wheelchair users.
Darcelle XV
Always supportive of Portland PRIDE, Shake Shake is a comfortable place to go for a break!  We like their configurable indoor seating.    
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Accessible entrance, interior, restrooms.
  • A variety of configurable seating options are available indoors.  Bench seating, open-sided chairs (with no arms), and the tables are adjustable--perfect for people of all body types.
  • Patio seating is area is accessible, paved and level.
  • Friendly Notice:  Patio seating is picnic tables, which are not ideal for plus-size patrons.
  • Alert:  Parking is street parking and very limited.  No accessible parking is available.
Friendly Like Me review of Shake Shack Portland
A delightful spot, Lechon appeals.  This restaurant is accessible, but space between tables and chairs is tight in some areas.  The interior seating is open-sided and well-suited for people in larger bodies--but you may find yourself back-to-back with another patron and hard-pressed to get in to or out of your seat.  With advance notice, the restaurant can ensure plus-size and disabled customers are accommodated.
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Accessible entrance, interior, and restroom.
  • Patio is spacious and accessible to wheelchair users.
  • The interior offers heavy-duty open-sided chairs.
  • Friendly Notice:  Patio chairs are metal with arms, and may not be suitable for people in larger bodies.
  • Friendly Notice:  Some seating areas are tight while others are more spacious.  Call ahead to share your seating needs.
  • Alert:  There is an offsite parking lot nearby, however it does not have any marked Accessible parking spots.
Friendly Like Me Accessibility Review of Lechon
Celebrating 20 years of authentic cooking from mothers around the world, Mother's Bistro is a spacious and welcoming comfort food dining experience worth more than one trip to try everything on the menu. Whether you're with just one close friend or a group of 20, Mother's Bistro is ready to serve you with open arms.
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Accessible interior, restroom, and entrance.
  • A variety of seating options are available. Some booths have tables that move, others don't so make your needs heard.
  • Offers chairs with no arms indoors.
  • Friendly Notice:  As of writing this review, there are two hours FREE valet parking at 319 SW Pine Street, but no accessible parking spaces nearby.
Friendly Like Me Review of Mother's Bistro in Portland
The first Voodoo Doughnut opened in downtown Portland in 2003, and ever since, it's been a smash hit. With an eclectic store atmosphere as varied as the donut flavors, (like Voodoo Bubble adorned with a piece of wrapped bubble gum and Ring of Fire topped with a red chili pepper), the line is always long, but worth the wait every time.
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Entrance is level and flat
  • Interior is accessible.
  • Friendly Notice:  Patio seating is picnic table style, and may not be comfortable to people in larger bodies.
  • Alert: No nearby dedicated Accessible parking
  • Alert:  No public restrooms are available at this location.
Voodoo Doughnut
For exquisite Taiwanese teas, treats, and desserts, do not miss Meet Fresh!
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Accessible flat entrance and spacious interior. 
  • A variety of configurable seating options are offered inside.  Standard-height tables and chairs that move as well as high-top tables with open-backed stools. 
  • Spacious Accessible interior.
  • Friendly Notice:  During peak times, be prepared to stand in line!
  • Alert:  No accessible parking available.
Friendly Like Me Accessibility Review of Meet Fresh, Portland

Angelina’s Greek Gyro’s

Angelina's is a Portland tradition and a proud sponsor of Portland PRIDE 2023.  Come check out their new location in Ankeny Alley during Pride for authentic and delicious gyro's here!  Angelina's patio is a colorful, cheerful, and comfortable spot to take in the day.
Accessibility Checklist:
  • Accessible entrance, restrooms, and spacious interior.
  • Gender-neutral restrooms
  • A variety of seating options exist including open-sided chairs (without arms.)
  • Patio is accessible, and seating is comfortable for people in larger bodies.
  • Friendly Notice:  Patio tables are high-top.
  • Alert:  No Accessible parking is available.
Friendly Like Me Accessibility review of Angelina's Greek Gyros

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For more information about parking options near and around these venues, you can visit the City of Portland’s interactive parking map.